With Ivanti’s release of Endpoint Manager 2021.1 SU2, on-prem customers are now better equipped to modernize their Windows 11 migration and streamline patch automation.  

Modernizing Windows 11 Migration 

No matter the driver, Ivanti Endpoint Manager makes Windows 11 migration easy. 

Companies looking to migrate endpoints to Windows 11 need a scalable way to automate business-critical tasks on every Windows PC across a wide area network. PowerShell Core is an open-source shell and scripting language built on top of Microsoft.NET technology that does just that.  With the latest release of Ivanti Endpoint Manager, PowerShell Core is now supported to facilitate the automation of tasks and simplify the configuration of Windows devices.  

Migrating to Windows 11 will often happen when hardware is refreshed. IT Admins want to automate the provisioning of these new Windows 11 devices in order to meet company standards. In this release, Ivanti Endpoint Manager expands support of Windows Autopilot (part of the provisioning process) by adding compatibility for both Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, also known as hybrid join over VPN.   

Additionally, IT Admins need to be able to identify devices that are ready for Windows 11 migration and meet Microsoft’s minimum hardware requirements. One of those hardware requirements is UEFI Secure Boot, whose status is now gathered by inventory with this release. Secure Boot is a feature that prevents the computer from booting from unauthorized/unsigned applications, an extremely important security feature that helps eliminate malicious code from being installed and prevent attacks.   

Streamlining Patch Automation 

The second focus area surrounds enhancements to patch management and automation. One of the key goals of an Admin is to have the flexibility to patch devices whenever needed, rather than on a prescribed day each month. Furthermore, the ability to ensure all patches are automated, which reduces manual work and ensures faster deployment, can now be achieved with Single Patch Campaign support, which is included in this release.   

Lastly, the unification of multiple patch processes into a single, streamlined process while increasing adoption of Patch Automation can now be realized with the Autofix by Scopes feature. Autofix is a way to automatically apply a patch to a vulnerable device, which is great, unless you don’t have rights to the devices that are being patched.  This new capability allows the Autofix feature to be applied to the devices the user has rights to see and edit (scope) of a specific patch campaign.   

Ivanti continues to provide our customers with great experiences, leading functionality, and secure Unified Endpoint Management solutions. For further information about Endpoint Manager 2021.1 SU2, please contact Ivanti Support