As I posted yesterday, Microsoft is planning to release 12 new Security Bulletins this coming Tuesday.  While we have become accustomed to large, record-breaking Patch Tuesdays, do not take this patch day lightly.  The sheer quantity of patches is not as important as what is actually being addressed in the bulletins.  Two critical zero-day vulnerabilities are being addressed this month.

Adobe is also joining in on Patch Tuesday.  Yesterday, Adobe released a Prenotification Security Advisory (APSB11-03).  They are planning to release an update addressing critical vulnerabilities in:

  • Adobe Reader 9.4.1
  • Adobe Reader X (10.0)
  • Adobe Acrobat 9.4.1
  • Adobe Acrobat X (10.0)

Mozilla is planning on releasing new versions of Firefox and Thunderbird on patch day as well.  The release for these products could slip to a later date, but you should keep an eye on them on patch Tuesday.

- Jason Miller