In today's complex IT world, employees expect to be productive from everywhere they work (think kitchen tables, sofas, coffee shop Wi-Fi or mobile hotspots) any time using various devices from desktop and laptops to PCs tablets and smartphones. And while work is happening everywhere, IT teams are rushing to secure their IT environment as the growth of devices, increased cybersecurity threats, and more data processed at the edge make their jobs even harder. The need for remote-access capabilities, mobile management tools and visibility of all endpoint devices has never been greater. 

In the Everywhere Workplace, the right solution can manage traditional devices with client-based management tools and mobile devices using the OS's modern device management capabilities. It can also co-manage devices with both client management and modern management abilities. All this means you never need to let a device on your network go unmanaged, or let a user get stuck behind productivity speed bumps. 

With Unified Endpoint Management, you can: 

  • Enable users to stay productive and happy on their preferred devices. 
  • Quickly discover and manage various devices from PCs to mobile phones. 
  • Choose the best strategy for your organization – agent-based device management, modern device management or co-management approaches. 
  • Configure personal and organization-owned devices to access data and networks on-premises or remote. 
  • Be confident in knowing devices are compliant with your security requirements. 

Get the right balance of keeping people in your organization productive on the devices they prefer without compromising your organization's need for securing sensitive applications and information accessed by and stored on each device. 

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