inforgraphic: 20/20 predictionsWhen smart phones started to become a real thing back around 2007, they received a number of criticisms that were mainly borne from not realising the revolutionary way we’d start to consume technology. Nobody realised how we’d end up using such tech and how it would be universally adopted and eventually become the new norm.

The old adage “we’ve always done it this way” springs to mind. Touchscreen wasn’t particularly new but wasn’t really liked as much as old fashioned buttons. You’d be a brave person to try and pry away an old-fashioned style of phone that had physical buttons from a corporate executive and try to offer them a touchscreen equivalent.

So iconic are the first touchscreen smart phones now that they fetch many thousands of dollars in the second-hand market as we can now appreciate how they changed the way we consume technology.

Whether we agree with it or not, children are now able to pick up a tablet or phone and work their way through the latest episodes of a well-known loveable pig, and that’s before they’ve even learnt to say their first words.

Here is where the value lies: with zero training and no prior knowledge, this is a platform that allows an organisation’s end user to obtain and request an ever increasing number of services that they need on a daily basis in order to perform their jobs successfully.

Frictionless IT

This is not a new term, but what does it really mean? Forbes describe it as “…friction appears as fragmented customer profiles, departmental silos, inefficient workflows, shadow IT, slow feature deployment, a disparate martech stack, redundant processes and anything else that gets in the way of or slows customer and user experience.” 

Ultimately businesses need their employees to have at hand all the resources they need to be effective and productive whilst the business maintains control, security and cost.

Ivanti Service Manager breaks down these silos by offering an Enterprise Service Management platform, allowing end users to request a wider variety of services, quickly and easily.

Whether you want to request an application, onboard a new hire, or a simple break\fix “I need assistance” request, it has never been easier to Self Service your own requirements.

Enterprise Service Management is a significant investment for organisations that makes the adoption and usage vital. Ivanti Service Manager scored highest in the Gartner critical capabilities; two key areas assessed were the “User Experience and Flexibility” and “Self-Service/Request Fulfilment”. This reinforces the principle of how important that user centric IT has now become.

Out of the box, Ivanti Service Manager comes with 80 service request offerings, covering IT, HR and Facilities.

When it comes to IT Service Management, Ivanti Service manager is Pink Verified for 13 ITIL practices.

Allow Ivanti to take care of the legwork background, with automation following the business rules and logic that determines how each request needs to be handled and ultimately fulfilled.

These are the workflows (120 out of the box) that remove inefficiencies and will now provide the backbone to the success of effective inter-departmental process, whilst importantly delivering exactly what end users requested in a timely manner.

Finally, we can now offer organisations a pick and choose menu of services for their end users that is just as easy to consume as it is for a toddler to pick and choose hours of cartoons on a tablet before he or she has even learnt to read. Or perhaps better still, be guided to more educational activity-based games.

So just like children with tablets, your organisation can gain instant value by enabling end users to request access to the things they need to get the job done—“Help-Your-Self-Service”.