It is patch week once again.  Although this is an application month (Microsoft usually rotates every other month for OS then Apps like office, etc.), there will likely be one critical update to IE that would concern companies continuing on Windows XP.  If you are one of those companies continuing to run Windows XP read on.

According to Gartner, "one-third of enterprises had more than 10% of their systems
remaining on XP when extended support ended”.  
Of those customers some will be purchasing a Premium Support Contract with Microsoft to continue receiving Critical Updates for Windows XP. Many of those same companies have started asking the question of how they will be distributing those patches to systems. They want the same level of quality assurance for detecting and deploying patches to Windows XP systems.  They want to do this without manually packaging, testing, and delivering the updates outside of their current solutions.  They also want compliance reporting and status on the updates being applied as their policies require.

Shavlik understands this need and can provide our customers with Custom Content Support services.  This allows you to keep your team managing projects and not spending time managing Critical updates for Windows XP each month.   We did see a zero day within a couple of weeks of the EOL of Windows XP.  Fortunately Microsoft released the update publicly, but it was a close thing.

For more details take a look at our micro-site for customers "Continuing with Windows XP?"