You know the drill, another Patch Tuesday means another Patch Tuesday FAQ!

Between 14 security updates and 15 new bulletins, it’s a busy month. You can watch the on-demand webinar here, where we go over June Patch Tuesday in detail. Below are some of the commonly asked questions during that webinar.

Q: Any word on 1903 release to public?

A: 1903 officially released to the public on May 21st, I believe there is still a staged rollout over Windows Update, but it should be available on the Media Creation Tool and the VLSC.

Q: Is Windows 10 1903 still having issues after installing?

A: A lot of the issues that were previously present appear to still need fixes. I’d recommend watching this for any that could affect you directly here.

Q: Does the servicing stack update require bit locker to be turned off when updating?

A: I have not read about this requirement; I’ve only seen this as a requirement for the major feature updates.

Q: Is it necessary to install this month’s servicing stack update before the cumulative update?

A: For 1607, last month’s cumulative update is sufficient. For 1809, the servicing stack update no longer looks to be a hard requirement. If you had not deployed the 1607 servicing stack update last month, either May or June works.

Q: For the Office 365 update, is this strictly client/endpoint patching or is this applicable to any of the servers within the Microsoft Cloud hosted instances?

A: This is strictly on-premise endpoint installs. Microsoft’s hosted servers should automatically be updated by the vendor.

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