We’re excited to announce our new quarterly release cadence. In addition to aligning the former AppSense product lines with the Ivanti Management Suite products, the new cadence means that you, our customers, will have access to new releases every three months. It also aligns more closely to the Citrix update model for our joint customers. See the Citrix release schedule post.

These quarterly releases will remove the need for the release of service packs (from 10.1 onwards), although we will continue to produce hot fixes as needed throughout the year.

Aligning to the new quarterly cadence will help us to respond faster to the needs of the market and deliver greater value to you, our customers and partners. You will be able to engage with Ivanti AppSense and see your contributions and feedback influencing our product development in a faster timeframe than with our previous release model.

New release model (here’s the detail):

  • Major annual MSI release (delivered as an MSI – a complete Windows Installer setup)

A major annual release will contain all the features introduced in the minor releases made available that year, as well as additional content that requires a development path over and above a quarterly release timescale.

  • Quarterly release (delivered as an MSP – a Windows Installer patch)

Each quarter, customers will gain access to a new Feature Release (FR) which contains a combination of improvements to the previous major release, enhancements requested by customers, new features, and advancements of existing features.

The first quarterly release will be Ivanti DesktopNow 10.1 FR1.

Our first major annual release was DesktopNow 10.1. in January of this year. The next major release is targeted for January 2018, when we will be switching to a new release naming convention (see below) – that release will be DesktopNow 2018.0

annual and feature releases - graphic for Hannah's blog


Customers who don’t want to take advantage of the quarterly release cycle should continue to plan their upgrades in line with the major annual releases. Each release will be maintained for three years, but priority for updates and hot fixes will be given to the most recent releases.

The data provided above is for informational purposes only and is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions or incorporated into any contract.