Register for path TuesdayIvanti's Patch Tuesday campaign was recently honored with a SAMY award! 

Put on by Utah Business, the SAMY (Sales & Marketer of the Year) awards recognize top sales and marketing professionals in Utah. SAMY honorees were also featured in the January edition of Utah Business magazine.

About Patch Tuesday

On the second Tuesday of each month—known as Patch Tuesday—IT organizations everywhere prepare for software updates from Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe and others. Ivanti's Patch Tuesday team is dedicated to providing a detailed analysis of these updates and insights to more than 9,000 customers globally.

Within 24 hours of release, our Patch Tuesday team prioritizes security threats of most concern and calls out known issues related to those updates. This is done through various types of content including media commentary, infographics, blogs, and a Patch Tuesday analysis webinar. This information helps save organizations a significant amount of time and allows them to respond more quickly to vulnerabilities that could expose them to data breaches or ransomware attacks.

Over the past year, our Patch Tuesday campaign has generated hundreds of millions of readership impressions for the monthly Patch Tuesday blog series, and continues to collect thousands of monthly Patch Tuesday webinar registrations from 53 different countries.

The Patch Tuesday webinar airs live in four different languages and has been presented to live audiences as well.

Congrats to Ivanti's Patch Tuesday team!

Ivanti Wins SAMY Award for Patch Tuesday