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The SDCE 100 spotlights successful and innovative projects that deliver bottom-line value to small, medium, and large enterprises across the range of supply chain functions. These projects can serve as a map for supply chain executives looking for new opportunities to drive improvement in their own operations. These projects also show how supply chain solution and service providers help their customers and clients achieve supply chain excellence and prepare their supply chains for success.

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The award was given because of the amazing customer success story of J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Read on to see how Ivanti Velocity and Ivanti Speakeasy transformed their warehouse environment.

Modernizing the Warehouse with Ivanti

Legacy warehouse picking processes were hampering innovation and efficiency for J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Its reliance on older-generation mobile computers and paper picking processes was standing in the way of accelerating improvement in its warehousing and distribution processes.

To modernize its warehouse environment, J. J. Keller wanted to replace its aging Windows-based devices and make Android its standard picking platform. The company also wanted to couple the new Android systems with voice-enabled picking capabilities to boost picking productivity while improving both employee safety and efficiency.

J. J. Keller found the ideal solution from Ivanti. Using a combination of Ivanti Velocity and Ivanti Speakeasy, the company reduced product picking time while further improving an already notable delivery accuracy. Furthermore, it was able to build a modern warehouse picking platform to support future growth.


With Ivanti, employees at J. J. Keller have dramatically reduced redundancy and increased precautions for on-the-job safety. On the development side, migrating its SAP ITS Mobile warehouse management system to Android using Ivanti Velocity proved simple, and made it easy for J. J. Keller to achieve—and exceed—its efficiency objectives.

Specific results of the Ivanti implementation include:

  • A reduction of half a second per pick. At 1,800 picks per day, resulted in a 10% efficiency savings.
  • Android migration and voice-enablement projects were easily deployed by J. J. Keller Order Management, minimizing the dependence on IT staff.
  • Training pickers, even those with no prior experience with Android devices, took just half the time required with the company’s previous legacy solution.
  • Now J. J. Keller is looking at how to leverage Ivanti Speakeasy voice automation to streamline other steps in the picking workflow, such as integrating cycle counts into the picking process.

"We had an ROI goal of about six to eight months, and we realized it in half the time—an actual ROI in just three to four months. We also had a goal of improving picking proficiency by 5%. But we doubled that with an actual efficiency gain of 10%," said Brian Pamer, Business Analyst, Order Management for J. J. Keller.

For J. J. Keller, Ivanti provided the total solution for a voice-focused platform on Android devices and for integrating automation into the picking operation. Together, Ivanti Velocity and Ivanti Speakeasy delivered a powerful combination that offers:

  • Quick transition to voice-directed picking. Because all the voice processing is handled within the mobile device, there was no need for J. J. Keller to modify its existing SAP ITS Mobile applications or add middleware.
  • Voice as an automation tool. Processes like confirming quantity of a picking order can now be done with voice, eliminating keyed data entry.
  • Easy migration to Android. Combined with voice, pickers can automate or eliminate redundant steps and improve data accuracy. J. J. Keller can also interface to its existing web-based warehouse systems without having to migrate or modify the enterprise application.

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