Ivanti User Workspace Manager (UWM) 2021.1 is a major release focused on quality, stability and several feature enhancements.

  • 8 feature enhancements.
  • 62 customer bugs resolved.

Event viewer for application control

As of version 2021.1, Application Control offers a native user interface inside the AC console. This interface presents an aggregated view of events captured from all managed endpoints. The events are filtered and categorized on a per-feature basis and can be seamlessly translated into policy actions via drag-and-drop functionality.

See our feature video for more information and a quick demo of how this update smooths your Application Control journey:

Application Control - Event Viewer

VHD(X) cache roaming enhancements

The Environment Manager VHD Cache Roaming solution has been extended to support VHD(X). This disk type offers the following benefits:

  • Optimal VHD type for modern operating systems.
  • Larger storage capacity and data corruption protection.

Live resizing and smooth data alignment.

screenshot: configure vhdx settings

Windows 10 start menu builder update

Create tailored application list with blank tile group layout.

You can now create and deliver a personalized start menu application list without impacting/modifying users’ existing tile groups.

screenshot: create tile groups

Personalization operations enhancements

Delete full user profile

Now IT/Service Desk has the option to swiftly delete all current settings for the specified user. This replaces complex scripts previously required for this operation.

Allow membership of multiple groups

PersOps now aggregates role memberships to support functions against users, satisfying the criteria of multiple groups.

quick tasks screenshot

Upload events on demand from the management console

“Upload events now” action

A new action has been added to the management console: upload events now. This action immediately upload events from deployment group endpoints to the server.

events screenshot

CCA: Command line tool enhancement

Additional CCACMD.EXE Command line functionality


Initiates a poll to the server.


Initiates a request to move the computer to another group.

File Director: SQL dependency removed

Removal of shared external database requirement

  • The 2021.1 release of File Director removes the requirement for an external SQL database.
  • This development simplifies infrastructure requirements and File Director configuration.

Potential saving of $$$ in SQL costs on upgrade to 2021.1.

file director icon

File Director: administrative enhancements

The following improvements have been introduced in the 2021.1 release of File Director:

  • Snapshots optimized to be configuration only.
  • Updated admin UI diagnostic capabilities.
  • Ability to change appliance password from web admin console.
  • Kerberos authentication testing/troubleshooting inside Admin UI.
  • VMXNET3 (10GB) support.
  • Improved client logging.
  • Environment variable support in path-based expressions.
  • User data and performance dashboard updates.