We’ve been ‘chatting’ about it for a while now – and we’re delighted to announce that the latest release of Ivanti Service Desk introduces our brand-new Chat feature!

At the end of last year, we introduced a preview of Chat for both Workspace and Web Access to help users communicate more easily with Support. We received a lot of feedback via this preview which has helped us to refine the functionality.

service desk: workspaces and web access

Users can now request a Chat session with an analyst through the Self-Service portal in either Workspaces or Web Access. The request is then added to a queue where it can be accepted by an Analyst for a 2-way Chat.

The introduction of Chat in Ivanti Service Desk further underlines our ambition to bring innovative new features to the product – and we will continue to build on these features in future releases.

Check out the Update 2 release notes for more information on Chat for Ivanti Service Desk