RSAC 2020 is just a few weeks away, and the Ivanti team is already deep into planning for this event. We have a number of pre-booked meetings and demos already scheduled with eager customers and partners. We also have a great theme this year that really speaks to where we need to get to from an industry perspective: Bridging security insights with operations.

To effectively combat today's cyber threats, we need to bridge the gaps between security insights and the operational teams that need to ultimately resolve or mitigate the vulnerabilities in the environment. Interestingly enough, this is similar to #5 of the RSAC 2020 predictions

Ivanti at RSAC 2020: Booth 1261

Increasing demand for cloud-native apps will force security teams to work more closely with DevOps. Moving pentesting and code analysis up in the development lifecycle will boost product security. But security teams will need to communicate with  developers in a language they understand—for example, referencing delays and unplanned work instead of talking about vulnerabilities.

This is critical for organizations to stay ahead of the flood of vulnerabilities that we face on a regular basis. Continuous Vulnerability Management as described by the Center for Internet Security, is part of the basic cyber hygiene required by any organization. RSA’s prediction speaks to one of the biggest challenges companies face in effectively responding to vulnerabilities and that is the communication gap between security and operations. Shifting how we communicate and translating what Security is saying into the terms that the DevOps and Operations teams will understand and in return understanding how, operationally, the changes will occur so there is no disruption of service will help a great deal in many organizations.

Technology can also help to bridge these gaps. Stop by the Ivanti Booth #1261 in the South Hall during the show and we will show you how easy it is to map the vulnerabilities identified by any Vulnerability Management vendor into our patch catalog in minutes rather than hours. We can also show you how utilizing our APIs can facilitate putting the SEC into your DevOps process.

See you at the show!