In case you haven’t heard, Ivanti has been in the news lately. First BusinessWire wrote about it, and then Yahoo! Finance picked it up: Ivanti has been recognized as one of the top 10 companies with the best lead response! tagged us in a tweet about it last week:

The 2018 Response Audit measured how companies responded to leads, specifically in two areas:

  • Immediacy: How fast they responded to leads.
  • Persistency: How many times they followed up with leads.

In the audit, 180 American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) affiliated companies averaged a response time of (a nap-inducing) 39.79 hours.

That's an entire day and a half. A day and half could take you from a Wednesday to a Friday. From a depressing midweek slump to a joyful TGIF.

"Leads have a short shelf-life, meaning a sales rep shouldn’t let a sales lead wait more than five minutes before they respond, or the lead can go cold,” said Gabe Larsen,’s VP of growth.

A much more reasonable response time is 12 minutes, which is the average response time of the top 10 companies in the report. Persistency for the top 10 companies landed at an average of two follow-up contact attempts.

Here are the top 10 companies with the best lead response times:

1. James Hardie Industries

2. Dynamic Signal

3. Conversica

4. LinkedIn

5. Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

6. The Site Edge

7. KPA

8. SafeRack

9. Ivanti

10. Costello

“While the majority of response times were still much higher than five minutes, these [top 10] companies are doing the best job of responding to their leads quickly and ultimately, more effectively,” Larsen says.

The future of technology will also pave the way for faster, more effective lead responses.

“Smart sales systems, powered by AI technology, can potentially improve lead response times, decluttering sales reps’ schedules and allowing them to focus on what’s really important—conversations with their most valuable customers,” says Suaad Sait, president of growth,

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