The White House in Washington D.C. has a Situation Room. So does CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. So why shouldn’t your IT SecOps teams?

The Situation Room at the White House, located in the basement of the West Wing, provides current intelligence and crisis support to the U.S. president, the National Security Council Advisor, and others. CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” is the “command center for breaking news, politics, and extraordinary reports from around the world.”

Ivanti Cloud—Real-time Situational Awareness and Insights

At a very basic level, Ivanti Cloud is about helping you solve genuine IT challenges through:

  • Real-time situational awareness and insights gathered and correlated from across the organization
  • Role-based dashboards for access to the exact data workers need to do their jobs
  • Recommended next steps to head off problems before they arise
  • The ability to take action from within the same console

Get Real-time Insights, Delivered Right When They’re Needed

Amber Boehm, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Ivanti, says Ivanti Cloud streams and processes data from across your organization via a backbone of knowledge sensors, using machine learning to evaluate device health and status and your endpoint security posture and identify outliers needing attention. “You can receive role-based insights in real time when Ivanti identifies anomalies or escalating risks on machines in your environment,” Amber says. “You can also query the network yourself and get real-time results.”

Far Greater Access to Data

Amber explains that Ivanti Cloud enables far greater access to data across your organization than you had before, by pulling that data from sources across the organization—both Ivanti and third-party data.

“What that means is that we can diagnose what’s going on in your environment much better,” she says. “For example, what if IT Ops corrects an application failure that is actually a system hack? This can and will happen when departments—and departmental data—are siloed. You need enough data from across your organization to fully understand the issue. And we give you that.”

She continues, “With real-time insights, you can zero-in on user activity, security, and device health enterprise-wide, so you can do more without escalating—resolve more before these insights evolve into tickets. From one console you can see into parts of your organization you never really could before, and you can see how everything fits together. You can drill down into anomalies and use the data we’ve gathered from multiple sources to determine the root cause. And you can see security risks enterprise-wide and nip them in the bud.

“We also recommend the right actions to take, and can help you take them, which is critical when you have a limited staff that’s busy putting out all manner of fires and also helping to deliver on business goals that will differentiate the business.”

It’s Like Having an Expert on Hand 24x7

Amber explains that through tailored recommendations, Ivanti Cloud helps you decide what your next steps should be and enables you to identify and address emerging issues before they become problems that prevent your users from doing their jobs.

“Take Device Reconciliation for example. The real story here isn’t just a technical one about breaking down silos between sources of data to reconcile the assets found in Active Directory, CDW, and Ivanti Endpoint Manager using Ivanti Cloud Data Services. It’s a solution-driven story about limiting risk due to stolen, misplaced, or lost devices; about gaining insight into purchasing behavior and discovering the unused devices in your environment to cut costs and inform future purchasing decisions; and so on. It’s about compiling and correlating data to discover and even resolve multiple problems across your organization at the click of a button or two.”

Getting Time Back In Your Day

Amber concludes with some thoughts around getting time back in your day.

“Consider the Reimage/Replace Smart Advisor. In this case, we’re talking about discovering what machines are at risk across your organization and helping you determine how best to address things like failing batteries and waning disk space before something goes wrong, the warranty expires so you have to pay for the fix out of pocket, and so on.

“Rather than spending the bulk of your day ‘keeping the lights on’ when these devices fail, you can count on Ivanti Cloud to help you address issues proactively before they become something that consumes your day and keeps you from addressing major business initiatives. And you can do so while saving the organization money and keeping your users productive so they can do their jobs effectively and help the business succeed.”

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