July 20, 2017 marked the beginning of my third year at Ivanti (né Landesk). But I’ve been an analyst, journalist, consultant, marketer, observer, cheerleader, and provocateur in IT since leaving MIT in the 1970s. Given that, I hope you’ll forgive me a bit of personal observation, reflection—and cheerleading.

Why I’m Excited

I was at ServiceNow before and just after that company went public. That company’s performance since then speaks for itself. I am even more excited to be at Ivanti right now than I was during my entire tenure at my firstbillion-dollar” full-time employer.

I get to work with great, smart people every day. We’re focused on one of the most interesting challenges I’ve ever had the pleasure of facing. That challenge? How best to craft and tell great stories about how Ivanti helps companies empower more employees, delight more customers and partners, and do more and better business?

Since I’ve been at Ivanti, we’ve rebranded the entire company, brought multiple acquired companies closer together under the Ivanti brand, and made additional acquisitions. My teammates and I have taken point for the transformation of the company’s previous separate web sites around the world, and for transition of the online presences of the companies we acquire into the Ivanti.com fold.

Throughout these and other roiling changes, I’ve seen our leadership and my colleagues consistently maintain positive, supportive attitudes toward each other and the constituents we serve, internal and external. And I’ve seen our solutions evolve to become more powerful, flexible, and effective for our customers.

All in all, pretty heady, exciting stuff. But not just for me and my Ivanti teammates.

Why You Should Be Excited, Too

Ivanti is on a mission to help companies modernize themselves by modernizing the IT infrastructures on which they rely to do business. We want to make those infrastructures more powerful, flexible, secure, and responsive to ever-changing business needs. Every acquisition, every product update, every partnership, and (almost) every blog post is driven by these goals.

That’s why every Ivanti customer, partner, and prospect should be excited by where we are and where we’re headed. We will remain focused on the goals of evolving IT in ways that make enterprises more productive, secure, and successful. That commitment starts with our CEO and extends throughout our entire organization.

Check out our solutions. Read more about our latest acquisition. And keep an eye on Ivanti. We’ve accomplished a lot in my first two years here. And there is definitely more to come.