It’s official! We’re excited to announce that Ivanti has acquired an industrial internet of things (IIOT) platform from the WIIO Group. WIIO is one of Ivanti Wavelink’s channel partners and is based in Paris, France.

Why is Ivanti acquiring an IIOT technology platform?

Ivanti has made several high-profile acquisitions in recent months, and they all have been done with the goal of delivering a better experience for our customers. This automation framework and data collection technology acquisition is no different and will further enable Industry 4.0 and secure the supply chain of the future. Supply chain customers will now be enabled to get a 360-degree view of their IIOT equipment, proactively identify and remediate issues, and build scalable applications that drive efficiency. Our goal is to create value with a unique IIOT platform that offers application enablement and optimizes operational efficiency. Through this acquisition supply chain organizations will be able to create low code or no code applications that automate and enhance many of their processes, as well as deliver completely new capabilities.

The modern warehouse and distribution centers of today are stocked full of interconnected smart devices like smart conveyors, sensors, cameras, robots and cobots. These interconnects can often be complex, expensive and sometimes risky.

Ivanti Wavelink customers will soon be able to drive their digital transformation by cross-connecting applications with new systems and rapidly automate their warehouse processes to optimize workflow operations.

Benefits will include:

  • Drive operational efficiency by more effectively monitoring the health of equipment, proactively remediating issues, and building transformative applications.
  • Make more intelligent business decisions and augment their existing processes with the addition of deeper insights and automation through IIOT application enablement.
  • Ivanti Velocity customers, also known as All-Touch-TE from Zebra, will be able to quickly add IIOT capabilities to their operations, however, Velocity will not be required to use it. This means that customers can bring IIOT functionality to almost any part of their enterprise.

Who is using this acquired IIOT solution today?

General Logistics Systems (GLS) France, a leading express parcel delivery partner in Europe with a focus on a high level of service quality, has turned to the IIOT solution to help accelerate its digital transformation because of its innovative design, scalability, simplicity and efficiency. The IIOT solution is enabling GLS France with total interoperability between their Transport Management System (TMS) and their vehicles’ on-board systems. The improved traceability of parcel shipments combined with simplified use of the information collected will ensure greater efficiency in our operational decision-making.

“I’m confident that the combination of the IIOT solution and Ivanti Neurons will continue to meet the challenges and strategic ambitions of GLS France and help us increase the quality of our nationwide transportation operations,” said Mathieu Barthet, Chief Transformation Officer at General Logistics Systems (GLS) France.

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