In this episode, Steve Eror, McKay Allen, and an always-silent (yet ever-present) Erica Azad took a field trip to doTERRA, one of Utah's most popular essential oil companies.

After touring the building and sniffing a bunch of essential oils like hound dogs at a crime scene, the Interchange IT Podcast gang sat down to interview doTERRA CISO Eric Sorenson.

Fast facts about Eric Sorenson:

  • Born in Yorba Linda, California
  • Graduated from Utah State University with an undergraduate degree in business information systems
  • Received an MBA from Westminster College
  • Has three kids
  • Loves long walks on the beach (OK, this one is not true.)

Career highlights:

  • Worked for IBM for four years right after school in the IT database world
  • Worked for Zion's Bank Corporation doing more IT database work
  • Went to HealthEquity and branched out to develop an information security program
  • Worked at Arches Health Plan

Here are some of the questions Eric answers in this episode:

  • How have the challenges changed in the information security world? Are the threats the same? Are they different?
  • Does a direct marketing environment present security challenges when you have so many distributors?
  • Give us a sense of the size of the company.
  • Do you try to manage distributors' devices?
  • Your team was brought on after a security breach in March 2016. Tell us the strategy around making sure something like that doesn't happen again.

And much more!

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