You may have read Interchange IT Podcast: 5 Things You’ll Love About Ivanti’s Upcoming Podcast. But to be honest, it’s not perfect.

So for the sake of total transparency, here are five things you’ll totally hate about the Interchange IT Podcast.

1. It’s too entertaining.

IT and tech are meant to be dry, and boy did we miss the mark on this one. This podcast is full of jokes. It’s light, it’s funny, it’s entertaining, and it’s basically a back-and-forth of McKay and Steve insulting each other. Proceed with caution; you’ll need ice for these burns.

2. It's not trying to sell you anything.

For those of you who wanted to hear an hour-long sales pitch of our products every week, this isn’t it. Sure, Ivanti comes up every once and a while, but never in a sale-sy way. This is the Interchange IT Podcast, not QVC. 

3. No one wants to be too informed about tech and IT.

You know the intelligent, charismatic person at the party who keeps the conversation going with interesting facts and current news stories? The person everybody loves? No one wants to be that person. This podcast will make you that person. After listening to this podcast, you’ll become the life of the party, talking tech news like it's your favorite subject. 

4. It doesn’t cost any money.

If it’s free, it can’t be any good, right? Although the podcast is expertly sound-engineered with professional audio equipment, it can’t be a high-quality podcast unless it costs a lot of money. Plus there are no ads, so you know it isn't legit.

5. It will ruin all other podcasts for you.

This podcast will skyrocket your expectations for all other podcasts. These new high standards may leave you feeling disappointed and empty as you listen to other podcasts. You’ve been warned.

In case you want to ignore all of our warnings and dive into the Interchange IT Podcast, here are the places you can listen. Make sure you rate, review, and subscribe!

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