We are mere weeks away from the debut of the Interchange IT Podcast, otherwise known as your new favorite podcast!

The Interchange IT Podcast is designed to unify and simplify the world of IT. If that doesn't pique your interest, here are five reasons to get pumped about the Interchange IT Podcast.

Interchange IT podcast

1. The Interchange IT Podcast starts with the hosts.

Hosted by Steve Eror and McKay Allen, the podcast consists of two (relatively) normal guys diving into the world of technology. They aren’t IT experts, but we think that’s a good thing, since no one wants to listen to a bunch of advanced lingo and industry terms.

Instead, Steve and McKay tag-team to address current tech topics in a manner we can all understand, keeping things light and relatable without getting too technical.

2. We talk all things tech.

This isn’t just an IT podcast. Steve and McKay explore everything from artificial intelligence to 3D printing and more. If you are excited by the evolving world of technology, then this is the podcast for you.

3. It’s seriously funny.

You don’t hear “IT” and “funny” in the same sentence very often. We’re changing that. Be prepared for witty banter, regular jokes, and the occasional burn (we promise Steve and McKay actually do like each other).

4. We interview experts.

Each episode will include at least one expert guest, typically from major companies throughout the country. These experts offer fantastic insights into their industry, prescient forecasts into the future, and valuable career tips.

5. It’s a no-sales zone.

Full disclosure: the Interchange IT Podcast is sponsored by Ivanti, but that doesn’t mean the podcast is an Ivanti love fest. We don’t push Ivanti products, and in fact, we don’t even talk about Ivanti. So put your wallets away and prepare to be entertained!

We hope you love the podcast!