So, here’s the thing: I’ve never been a reunion kind of gal.

I lived all over the country growing up, attending four high schools in three states. So, forgive me, fellow students from days gone by, but I’d be hard-pressed to remember names and faces if I encountered them again.

I also didn’t attend my college graduation, so I imagine no one was surprised over the many mumble-mumble years since then (a lady never tells) to learn I failed to appear at any of those reunions, either.

I am without peer and unfailingly adept when it comes to failing to commit to large gatherings of my peers. 

All of that is merely to put the exclamation point on the statement that I’m looking forward to, as always, the annual event that is RSA.

Ivanti at #RSAC 2019: Booth #1143

March 4-8, Moscone Center, San Francisco

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My security peeps are where it’s at. Smart, nerdy, cutting edge with a sense of fun... This is a reunion I can get behind. I love walking the floor and finding out who has moved where, what they’re up to, and what whiz-bang-thingamajigger is the next big idea in the world of cyber protection.

It’s also always an opportunity to sport shoes from my overstuffed closet that perfectly match Ivanti’s booth theme for the year. That’s right: I may lack the reunion gene, but I do have a shoe for every holiday, anniversary, or annual event you can imagine.

Stop by this year to check out my sneakers with a chocolate chip cookie design and find out how they fit the theme of booth #1143: the sweet spot of endpoint security. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to seeing you again or making this our first of many meetings to come.

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