We're pretty sure Santa loves technology.

If Santa had a Tinder profile, his bio would be something like: "I spend most of my days organizing naughty and nice lists on my laptop. In my leisure time, you can find me curled up by the fire, sipping hot cocoa, and listening to Mariah Carey's Christmas album with my AirPods. I also play a VR game that simulates flying my sleigh and reindeer into the night sky, dodging birds and airplanes. You know, to keep my skills fresh."

It's for this reason that we knew Santa would be both willing and able to handle a bunch of IT-related requests from our customers.

Here's what they asked for:

James Peace on earth or at least in the server room.
Jason All the Ivanti products.
Josh No calls over Christmas weekend.
Marc I want a Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire, but I know that's never going to happen.
David A service desk that can accurately route tickets to the correct support teams.
Justin Free Office 365 for everyone!
Evan An ESXi home lab.
Melina Magic wand.
Steven I was thinking a new gaming computer for my home.
Tyler Fix it button.
Jason To finally get a leadership position. I'm ready!
Eric Less Windows 10 issues.
Brent Time to relax and just enjoy the holiday season since I haven't had a vacation or paid time off in five years.
Cole No blue screens!
Jeremy Better patch reporting from the patching tool.
Doug HDR support from windows 10 that does not look dumb.
Daniel The real "whole" experience, where docking your smartphone would give you a "full computer" so there would be no need to transfer information from device to device.
Frank Forensics in the Security Suite.
Brian I wish for more money in next year's IT budget.
Eric More money for training and application purchasing.
Paul Replacements for the team members that have departed.
Tiziano iPhoneX.
Luis Microsoft Outlook training for everyone!
Rick Cozmo robot, Alienware Laptop, more time for training and learning.
Andrew Surface laptop and more time to just unwind.
Pratik Bug-free UWM product. ;)
Tim Easy to make dashboards to see in to multiple systems that isn't super expensive.
Thomas A new Windows phone.
Peter More flexible tooling, automation manager.
Brent Everyone else is concerned for their company. I just want a Apple Watch for myself!
Darth Zero calls on my next two-week on-call rotation.
 Thomas  No computer problems for a weekend.