As we're increasingly relying on everyday objects to be as smart as our laptops, hackers are diving head-first into the fresh waters of the Internet of Things.

Take this unsuspecting fish tank in a casino, for example. There it was minding its own business and inspiring saltwater a-fish-ionados to make lukewarm small talk about its contents. Clownfish were blowing bubbles and Damselfish were acting distressed. All was well inside the Internet-connected aquarium, until suddenly...


Hackers penetrated the casino's network via the fish tank, sailing away like pirates with about 10 GB of data.

It's with this story in mind that Ivanti's security guru Chris Goettl asked colleagues to come up with their best fish tank hacking puns. Here's what they wrote (and rest assured, they're all keeping their day jobs).

Brent Bluth

  • Fish tank hackers: One casino’s worst anenomes.
  • Fish tank hackers: All the more reason to be shellfish with your data.
  • Hackers caught a fish tank in their net.
  • Hackers cracked a fish tank and data leaked out.
  • Data from fish tank hack was sent to a device in Finland.
  • Everyone’s been herring about the fish tank hack.
  • Fish tank hackers weren’t timid or koi.
  • Fish tank hacked! Holy mackerel.
  • Only cutthroats would hack a fish tank.
  • Fish tank hack: What the kelp happened?
  • Fish tank hack puts casino in a pickerel.

Amber Boehm

  • Craps! Phishing a casino
  • Fish tanks: the new casino “whale”
  • Fish tanks show hackers a whale of a good time

Adam Smith

  • What happens when Nemo finds you?
  • It’s easier than you think to swim into your network
  • Tropical fish turn into piranhas in your network
  • The invisible security scum growing in your fish tank
  • When skimmers become scammers inside your fish tank
  • Security fish tales
  • Phishing for dollars at a casino

Melanie Karunaratne

  • A new meaning to Phish and chips.
  • The porpoise was to get into the network but it floundered when discovered.
  • Hackers went phishing, dropped a line into the network and hooked their data.

Jared Richardson

  • I might be a little koi, but I'm easily hooked.

Lorena Crowley

  • Security vulnerabilities always bubble up
  • Phishy business
  • Sucker Phish
  • Plenty of phish in the sea
  • Breach beach
  • A phish attack more dangerous than a shark attack
  • Phish tank attack at a CaSEAno
  • H2 Oh no!

Rob DeStefano

  • Make Sure PII isn’t stored in a Fish Bowl
  • Don’t let cloudy waters of deception clog your security filters
  • Finding Nemo: and his DOB, and his social security number, and his credit card info…
  • I think we need a bigger boat: Breaches take a bite out of your business reputation
  • One fish, Two fish, Don’t Scam Me, Phish!
  • Make sure that scuba diver isn’t phishing for more than what’s inside the sand castle
  • Make sure that sunken treasure chest isn’t sending out more than a stream of bubbles
  • Someone needs to tell Flipper to upgrade his security policies

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