Unpatched security vulnerabilities are utilized in the majority of data breaches and ransomware attacks. In fact, research shows that many CVEs go unfixed for long periods to time leaving companies open to unnecessary exposure. 60% of breaches involved vulnerabilities of which a patch was available but not yet applied. This is why vulnerability management is so important and not only having a plan but selecting the right tools to support your plan.  

A strong vulnerability management process should incorporate having an understanding of your inventory. You cannot patch what you don’t know you have. Having a patch management solution that supports the needs of your business and allows for efficiency and automation in the identification of, publishing, and remediation of updates.

Above and beyond managing your inventory and patching processes a vulnerability assessment solution can be beneficial as well in proactively identifying potential weaknesses. Integration with the solution the Security team is utilizing can reduce hours to days off your process each cycle. This allows quick import of the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures identified by the security team and prioritized for resolution. Automating the process of mapping CVEs to their required updates from both Microsoft and third-party vendors saves several hours of research for the operations team, removes human error from the mix, and facilitates a better relationship and handoff between Security and Ops teams.

Organizations using Microsoft Endpoint Manager along with Ivanti Patch for MEM get a robust experience that allows them to:

  • Discovery of software installed in your environment directly from Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Automate publishing of recommended updates
  • Import and publish from CVE IDs
  • An extensive catalog of third-party security updates from vendors like Adobe, Google, Apple, Mozilla, Oracle and more
  • Custom Actions to allow modifying of switches, custom scripts, or other actions to be executed along with the vendor package
  • Support for publishing to Microsoft Config Manager and Intune from the same solution