We recently interviewed Todd Berbert, quality assurance engineer at Ivanti, about his past 25 years here.

Todd Berbert, Ivanti engineer for 25 years

Twenty-five years is a long time to be with one company. What is it about Ivanti that has made you stay?

I didn’t start out saying, "My goal is to work here for at least 25 years.” It has been one day at a time, and the time has flown by while having fun.

As to what has made me stay, there are too many reasons to list them all, but the primary reason has been the great people I get to work with. Even on my toughest, most emotionally draining days, I have been grateful to have the support of friends who are like family to me. These people have a can-do attitude, they are passionate about our products, they are intelligent and reliable and hardworking, and they trust each other to make the right decisions and solve problems.

The work itself has consistently been interesting, challenging, and fulfilling. I have constant opportunities to learn, grow, and improve, all while simply trying to provide a better product for our customers. Sometimes it's hard to believe that the company is paying me for doing something that I love.

Beyond the outstanding employees and the satisfaction of making a positive difference for our customers, here's my top ten list of what makes Ivanti a great company to work for:

10. Free snacks and drinks

The engineering team has the best selection!

9. Team-sponsored activities
berbert headshot
Todd Berbert, Ivanti engineer for 25 years

TopGolf, movies, lunches, go-karting, etc

8. Foosball

And yes, there is trash-talking, and yes, we may get a little loud and over-competitive.

7. Volunteer opportunities

Blood drives, Christmas donations, and STEM activities.

6. Fun regionally-sponsored activities

For Utah employees, we have events such as family day at Lagoon, participation in the Salt Lake County Summer Corporate Games, and insanely-elaborate Halloween decorations and celebrations.

5. Managers have an open-door policy
4. Our team has dedicated "learning days"

We get to select a topic we are interested in and spend the day studying and/or implementing our ideas.

3. A generous benefits package

Great health care options along with fitness incentives.

2. On-site field tests

As well as other direct communication with the customers who are using our products.

1. Flexibility

Enough flexibility in my schedule to be able to play racquetball most days during an extended lunch hour.

What are three words that best describe the Ivanti culture?

It's easier for me to answer this question by dividing it into two parts: 

Ivanti work environment: Challenging, professional, fulfilling.

Ivanti employees: Responsible, caring, inspiring.

What will your legacy at Ivanti be?

I hope my legacy will be that I was a valued and enjoyable team member who cared about quality and who helped others to excel in delivering world-class products.