Our goal at Ivanti is to unify IT. A big part of that story is unified endpoint management – delivering modern management alongside our leading client management capabilities. Our go-forward unified endpoint management platform is called Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager (I-UEM).

Another powerful client management product within our portfolio is Desktop and Server Management (DSM). I want to provide an update on our plans for DSM. We recognize that there are many questions and even concerns about the future of DSM. To help ease these concerns, we are announcing a commitment to maintain DSM until at least December 2022. To be clear, this is not an end-of-life statement. This is simply a commitment to our customers who rely on this product.

Maintaining DSM means we will provide updates that include bug fixes, support for latest OS versions, and priority enhancements.

DSM customers also have the option to migrate to I-UEM and for a time, we’ll also include our full security suite with OS and application patching—Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager. The details for this upgrade are provided here.

As mentioned in the linked article, we are updating I-UEM with customer requested features that provide similar functionality to what is in DSM. In the 2018.3 release of I-UEM (currently targeted for October), we will add the following features: custom variables support, MST creation, and an enhanced Windows Actions packaging experience. Windows Actions is the tool that provides similar functionality to the DSM Packaging Workbench. Moving forward, we will expand the number of actions available within Windows Actions.

Watch for a Momentum webinar following the Ivanti UEM 2018.3 release for more information.