We want to introduce you to someone very important to Ivanti.  David Brisco is an expert in Ivanti Service Manager and Asset Manager. His history with Ivanti dates back to 2005 has provided thousands of insights on these products and other Ivanti topics that people are curious about. 

Oh, and one small detail: he is not an Ivanti team member. 

David Brisco works with US Courts and has been an Ivanti Community MVP for almost four years. That means he is highly engaged with our forums, answering questions, and engaging in discussions with other community members. 

And “highly engaged” might be the understatement of the century. David is by far our most active Community member, averaging 700 posts per quarter. In 2021, he had 340 posts marked as “best answer” – a number that would be unthinkable if it were not true. Other Community MVPs routinely make jokes about how David beats them to all the unanswered questions – and that makes them even more motivated and inspired to try to keep up. 

Does David do it because he is hypercompetitive or showy? Quite the opposite. David is extremely humble about his contributions, so much so that this blog runs the risk of embarrassing him. And yet, he deserves all the accolades. In addition to putting an extraordinary amount of time and energy into answering questions, David is exceptionally generous with his time when it comes to cleaning up forums, moving posts into the right place and flagging duplications. Thanks to David, our forums are robust and user-friendly. That’s a big deal, not only because it means people can quickly get the answers they need, but it also frees up our support staff by eliminating thousands of questions that would otherwise have turned into support calls. 

What inspires David to give so much to the Ivanti Community? “I enjoy sharing my ideas and my knowledge with others,” he explains. “I know how hard it was for me early on. I also like to help others solve a challenging problem.” 

While David goes above and beyond for the Ivanti Community, he insists that he benefits, too. David reports that the Community helps him think critically about problem resolution, and that it has made him a better ISM administrator. 

David’s humility and capability are a study in contrasts, much like the rest of his interests. He is a technical wizard who enjoys cooking outside, “particularly smoking meats,” and hiking in state and national parks. His favorite musical artists: Metallica and Yo-Yo Ma. Of course. 

Think you can keep up with David as a Community MVP? He will welcome the friendly competition, and you do not need to match his level of engagement to make a significant impact. The Ivanti Community MVP Program is a mix of Ivanti partners and customers who are eager to share knowledge and insights. For more information on becoming a Community MVP, click here. 

New to the Ivanti Community? Check out the forums here. Search for topics and, if you can’t find what you are looking for, create a new thread. Someone – perhaps David – will be along quickly to help. 

Thank you, David, for all that you do. We appreciate you!