Have you ever wondered how you can better leverage a service management or mobile software solution? Have you ever purchased an IT security product or service but didn’t feel supported? With the Everywhere Workplace, some system administrators and IT process owners may feel less connected to colleagues and resources.

The Ivanti Momentum User Group (IMUG) platform was developed to provide our customers an opportunity to join a true customer-centric community, where customers help customers. Ivanti user group meetings are casual forums where customers can freely connect with peers, learn from one another and collaborate. We believe successful user groups are for, by and about the customer, and they provide support and useful resources to its members

What is Ivanti’s approach to user groups? 

Here at Ivanti, we create healthy user groups by empowering our customers to be community leaders and facilitate meetings with the full support of a dedicated Ivanti Momentum User Group (IMUG) team. We encourage customer presentations and information sharing and provide tools to coordinate logistics.  We've seen first hand that when customers are given the free space to connect and drive the meetings in accordance with what matters most to them, they can achieve a lot.  It is an incredible differentiator.

5 reasons to join Ivanti user group communities

Develop authentic relationships with peers and product owners

User groups provide an opportunity to get to know peers in your geographical area, industry or field. We’re not intended to be lone rangers; relationships created in user groups help us get through challenges, broaden our professional thinking and build a sense of community.

As Joshua Tooley, member of the Texas CSM user group, said on a recent Ivanti podcast, “I’ve had the opportunity through the user groups to grow my experience and develop those relationships that now we do more than just see each other at an event. We actually go about helping each other and spending time during our working day to create positive experiences at both of our companies.”

Share content, collaborate and network with fellow customers

Most meetings include customer show and share presentations (think “show and tell”) so customers see fresh ways to tackle similar projects. Many members share their contact information so they can lean on each other between meetings, a particularly useful resource for organizations that may only have one administrator for a particular Ivanti product.

Learn from peers about best practices

Sometimes best practices that look simple on paper are complicated by nuances. The devil is usually in the details.  Being a part of an Ivanti user group means you can tap into pragmatic approaches from process owners and system administrators who’ve done what you’re trying to do, and gather tips and “lessons learned” to help your project succeed. 

Brainstorm solutions

You’re smart or you wouldn’t be in your role, but there will be times your solution to a business problem might not be the best one or you’re flat-out stumped. Don’t spin your wheels. Leverage the years of collective experience in a user group and crowd source suggestions and ideas

Hear about product updates

“I wish I got more emails,” said no one ever. Sure, you can read release notes to stay current, but at user group meetings, you will also hear product roadmaps, and you can ask questions and provide feedback directly to product owners. We want to hear the voice of the customer.

How to join or start an Ivanti user group

For more information about Ivanti user groups, to find groups in your area, or to see upcoming meetings, visit https://usergroups.ivanti.com/. If you do not see a group in your region or area of interest, consider becoming a community leader and starting a group. Ivanti is here to help! Contact us at [email protected]

Still not convinced?  Below, hear from two customers on why they're so passionate about Ivanti Momentum User Groups.