Ivanti and Dell application and desktop virtualization solutions enable IT teams deploying deploy Citrix, Microsoft, VMWare or Wyse vWorkspace across their enterprise to overcome key challenges like:

  • Slow Logons: Real-time profile and GPO management and parallel processing of logon actions reduce logon times
  • Secure Printing: Network and session connect triggers enable Ivanti to automatically and seamlessly adjust printer settings and configurations based on location, device, user and time of day
  • Self-healing desktops:  Collect user snapshots to allow helpdesk rollback and self-healing
  • Reducing Complexity & Cost: decrease number of gold images; Microsoft-validated desktop license management controls software spend; simplify and eliminate GPOs and logon scripts; manage user admin rights on a per application and user basis

Ivanti DesktopNow seamlessly integrates with Dell software, servers, storage and endpoint devices, abstracting end-user settings and policies and separating the user experience from the device used to access data and applications.

With settings and policies stored separately, the underlying device and applications can be configured on-demand to ensure a consistent, predictable, and excellent end user experience.

AppSense and Dell Wyse vWorkspace

Solutions from Ivanti and Dell deliver a low cost, high functionality solution stack for Education:

  • Seamless transition between physical and virtual desktops
  • Improved end-user experience
  • More virtualization use cases enabled
  • Simpler IT management and reduced TCO

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