Citrix has released an update for versions of XenDesktop and Virtual Delivery Agent on Windows 10. The January cumulative update for Windows 10 released on Patch Tuesday with a known issue that would prevent Citrix XenDesktop from logging in. Basically, Microsoft had put in detection logic that would prevent the January Cumulative Update from being offered if you had any version of Citrix XenDesktop installed on Windows 10.

Shavlik's in-house testing found that the issue affected specific versions. We then added logic to identify affected versions and not offer CSWU-018 in those cases. Citrix has announced a fix is now available. Systems with the following versions of the Virtual Delivery Agent should apply the update as soon as possible, as Microsoft, at some point in the near future, will remove the block on the cumulative update and it will be applicable once again.

  • Citrix WorkstationOS Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) 7.6.300
  • Citrix WorkstationOS Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) 7.7.0

For Shavlik Protect customers, we are releasing the VDA update today in an out-of-band content release. We will also keep specific detection logic on the CSWU-018 cumulative update for Windows 10, to know if your version of VDA is not up to date. If you have not applied the Citrix update, Shavlik will not apply the cumulative. If you have applied the VDA update, the CSWU-018 update will be offered.

Originally, there was a date in the Citrix post, but it has since been removed. For those who are not running Shavlik Protect and need still require the Citrix update, I would guess you have a week, or maybe a little more, before Microsoft makes the change on their side to start pushing the cumulative update regardless of if you have updated Citrix VDA or not.