citrix logo  Whether you’re considering a Citrix purchase or have already purchased licenses, we can make an immediate, positive impact on your deployment success. Customers who use Ivanti solutions powered by AppSense on their XenDesktop or XenApp environment find that they can:

Simplify and Accelerate Deployment:

Why do most virtualization projects fail? Complexity, spiraling costs, and poor user experience. Our technology reduces complexity and cost and delivers a great user experience in these ways:

  • Standardize Windows images for simpler deployment and management
  • Replace complex logon scripts and GPOs with a point-and-click policy engine
  • Maximize the number of users per server for highest possible ROI
  • Deliver a personalized experience with seamless roaming between environments

Stop Firefighting:

our solutions eliminate common VDI support issues, so IT teams can work more efficiently and reduce infrastructure costs:

  • Reduce user logon times by 90%
  • Eliminate profile corruption to reduce help desk calls by 30%
  • Maintain a high-quality experience during peak usage times

Deep Integration:

Our solutions integrate at numerous layers of the Citrix technology stack to give IT teams unmatched control:

  • Contextual user and application control for Netscaler connections
  • Reduced image complexity to expand use of Citrix Provisioning Services
  • Policies
    that adapt based on Citrix-reported client attributes
  • Citrix vDisk awareness to apply persistence disks to non-persistent desktops
  • Reduce Costs: lower the costs of servers and storage to support your Citrix virtualization project. Ivanti helps you:
  • Increase server and storage density by up to 40%
  • Reduce the number of application and OS images

Ivanti technology powered by AppSense has helped thousands of customers make the most of their Citrix investment.

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