Growing up as a kid in the 1980's, it was easy to get immersed into the cyber-futuristic reality of new technologies like video games, personal computers, and instant communications. In fact, this was so encompassing, that it bled over to pop-culture in the form of cartoons that shaped my childhood. One cartoon fed my desires like no other: The Transformers®

As many of us now know (thanks to Michael Bay), The Transformers® were a small group of humanoid robots, stranded on Earth, disguised and able to transform into vehicles and airplanes; robots in disguise. For an 8-year old kid, this translated into pure obsession: Robots that could change and morph into the coolest cars, jets, and space shuttles?! It was life. 

So how are sci-fi robots relevant to the Citrix and Ivanti (formerly AppSense) partnership? How I see it, transformations are taking place every day in our interactions, our world, and our businesses. And as technology users, we DEMAND it to be as easy and as jaw-droppingly rad as the robots in the Transformers. For a modern IT organization this demand to quickly pivot resources, respond to critical changes and provide seamless experiences is now a bare necessity.

Like the Transformers'® ability to utilize their different robot/vehicle form, the combination of Citrix and Ivanti allow IT to instantly provide a productive and secure workspace anywhere, to anyone. Here are a few examples of how Ivanti can be the perfect complement to a Citrix initiative:

citrix and ivanti comparison graphic

Come and discover how Ivanti has evolved from AppSense into a bigger, faster, more complete solution for your Citrix initiatives at Citrix Synergy. I know what you'll find is that the transformative power of Citrix and Ivanti is more than meets the eye!