The heart of IT is about empowering people and being able to serve and secure all types of users, on all the devices they use, wherever they are.

The Ivanti vision of user-centered IT is the balance between providing end users increased control over their devices while providing the IT department the control they need to maintain security, compliance, and productivity.

Ivanti holds to this vision when migrating machines to new operating systems. For instance, IT can allow end users to select when they want to migrate their device plus let them selectively restore the data they want restored.

We work with customers to ensure the solution will meet the needs of each department and their broad spectrum of users. We don’t require you to create customized images that quickly become obsolete.

Still not sold? Here’s why Ivanti is the better choice:


Ivanti has been helping customers migrate operating systems for decades. Our professional services team has assisted many large customers through the process.

Customers in the healthcare and finance industries have faced singular challenges in the migration process due to the encrypted devices in use. Thankfully, those problems are in the past. Ivanti can now migrate devices encrypted with any technology.

Software titles  

Organizations give users machines so they can work more productively. But it’s not the OS that makes users productive; it’s the applications. Workers must have the functionality available to them after the migration takes place.

The Ivanti solution restores to the device either the original application or upgraded titles so users can stay engaged in their work.

User data and configuration 

Users customize their machines in most cases. They also save data needed in the future. The Ivanti solution gathers user settings and data after the user logs in, thus solving the encryption problem. This data is copied to the network in the background. Most users never notice when the operation takes place.

Organizations can determine what data they want backed up. Once the migration is complete, users can select what data they want restored.

KIOSK or multi-user devices 

Since user data is backed up when the user logs in, multi-user devices are supported.

Ivanti professional services 

Ivanti offers extensive experience performing large-scale migrations. Our engineers have designed a highly reliable and flexible migration process that can be customized to your organization’s needs.

The solution is not rigid. Changes can be made globally at any time or for specific groups. Our goal is to provide you a system that will handle your migration needs today and in the future.

Vendor integration 

The Ivanti solution can be integrated with most hardware vendors to allow many conveniences. For example, devices can be auto-provisioned in order to ship the machine directly to the end user rather than going through the IT department.

Restoration of user data to the device begins as soon as the user logs in. The applications used on their old device are also installed on the new device, restoring full functionality.

Picking the time to migrate 

Users generally want to work on newer operating systems, however, they worry about being able to perform their work without interruption. Allowing them flexibility in scheduling the migration buys goodwill. You can free them to choose when they want to migrate or schedule a time with the flexibility to postpone.

Nevertheless, as an IT department you can plan for the migration to take place at a designated time if the user has deferred the task too many times.

Restoring settings and data

Ultimately organizations own the devices and thus own the liability of what’s stored on them. In some cases, company devices can become encumbered with optional or banned content. For this reason, content such as music, movies, photographs, and even software titles can be prohibited from the back-up process.

After the migration takes place, users are able to selectively restore their content. In many cases, they may find old data that’s no longer needed.


Another advantage is that our solution is highly customizable without hampering scalability. Even geographically dispersed organizations can migrate hundreds of devices a day.

Ivanti Upgrade Services helps you establish a sustainable provisioning strategy that not only works in all the common scenarios, it saves you money.

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