With ever tightening budgets, and the constant requirement to continue to improve operational efficiency – the impact that automation can have on IT operations is quite dramatic! Considering all the operational elements that have to be considered to provide the proper levels of service to the user community…the injection of automated tools into the process is no longer an option.

For many IT organizations, the solution to the problem has centered around the deployment of a series of point solutions to address the core set of requirements from the discovery and management of asset and inventory data (virtual or non-virtual), the assessment of any potential for risk (vulnerability scanning, patch management, AV…), as well as performance management and monitoring…just to name a few.

This approach, while acceptable…does not promote what I would categorize as “aggregated efficiency”. Trying to evaluate the condition or state of your environment by collecting (independently) the results derived for various point solutions is OK, but not the most efficient way to address the day to day challenges of managing an IT environment. In order to truly drive greater efficiencies, save money while at the same time improving service levels…what’s necessary is a single solution (one with as complete a set of functionality as possible) to aid IT operations relative to managing the time-consuming daily tasks that are currently disconnected.

There is a better way! There are solutions on the market today that will help assist IT operations with this quest. Selfishly, here at Shavlik…we’re moving quickly into the IT Management area with a SaaS based platform, that over time could become the Swiss army knife for IT operations. This technology of ours is being designed to address the core set of requirements necessary to effectively manage an IT operation – but in a far more aggregated manner. If you get a chance…check out what we’ve developed so far, you might find it of interest! The URL to access the application is https://it.shavlik.com/. The application will go into a Public Beta phase in mid-February.

Dave Eike

Shavlik Technologies