********** UPDATE **********
RealNetworks has released the details on their security bulletin.  The new version of Real Player fixes two vulnerabilities.  More information can be found here.

Non-Micorosoft vendors are joining in on Microsoft's Patch Tuesday.

RealNetworks is planning to release a new version of the RealPlayer program today.  We have seen a download available for RealPlayer, but the security update page has not been updated.  Keep watching RealNetworks for a security update today.  The advanced notification from RealNetworks can be found here.

Opera released a new version of the Opera Browser with 11.10.  This is a non-security update.

Add these two products to the 17 Microsoft security bulletins and 2 Microsoft security advisories that were released, and you have an even longer week of patching.  We will keep watching the patching skies for more patches dropping on us.

- Jason Miller