SAP. Oracle. These are among the biggest names in enterprise systems. Applications from these companies and others like them are incredibly powerful.  They are the backbone of many the world’s largest supply chain operations.  And their apps are increasingly web-based, meaning you need a good browser to get the most from them.

Leading web-based WMS and ERP systems have been around for some time. But that means they were designed for desktop access, and desktop browsers.  Connecting mobile workers to these systems has been the strength of mobile browser products like Naurtech CETerm, which Ivanti acquired in 2014.  The expansion of web-based apps to mobile proved so beneficial that it lead SAP to recognize CETerm as the only recommended mobile browser for its ITSMobile product.

That was all good for Windows CE and Windows Mobile. Now, the market is shifting to Android. Unlike Pocket IE, which was an attempt to compress a desktop browser into mobile form, Chrome is certainly different.  However, it still isn’t the industrial browser organizations need for data collection tasks.  Barcode scanning immediately comes to mind. And not just scanning a barcode, but being able to parse the decoded data into your browser app.

Even more in focus is how a web-based system designed for desktops looks on a mobile screen.  An industrial mobile browser addresses how app screens render on a mobile interface. And that’s the first goal, isn’t it? Businesses need to optimize their web apps workers using mobile devices.

We developed Velocity as an industrial browser for Android. Velocity builds on our history with CETerm, as well as Industrial Browser and VelocityCE, both solutions powered by Wavelink.  You may be using one of these products for Windows CE/Mobile and building your Android migration plan. Or, you may be looking to upgrade your enterprise system to a web-based version (such as SAP VT100 to ITSMobile). In either case, the Android browser within Velocity is ready.  Need proof? Here are 5 reasons Velocity is your solution to bring web apps to Android.