Ok, so not sure exactly on the details, but that Adobe Flash update that happened in late December has received two additional updates since. Neither has updated the bulletin page. There was an additional release covering ActiveX earlier this month, and today we have this update from the debug downloads page.

1/19/2016 – Updated debugger and standalone versions of Flash Player. These versions contain fixes for critical vulnerabilities identified in Security Bulletin APSB 16-01. The latest versions are (Win and Mac) and (Linux). All users are encouraged to update to these latest versions.

If you have updated Adobe Flash 20 since the Dec. 28 release, you will see it as missing again. The standalone version is also affected, not just the debugged version. This fix is supposed to resolve critical vulnerabilities from the APSB16-01 update, so the original update was incomplete. No new CVEs have been added in the update.

The patching fun never ends. Content will be live in a few.