Autumn is officially cuffing season, which is defined by Chamin Ajjan MS, LCSW, ACT, as: “A specific time of year when people become extremely motivated to get coupled up.”

If you are feeling that cool autumn air, smelling the pumpkin spice, and unpacking your winter coats, chances are that you are ready to be cuffed. Maybe you’ve already re-downloaded Tinder. Or, if you’re already in a relationship, perhaps you’re feeling the urge to snuggle up by the fire with your partner and bask in your mutual affection.

No matter what your situation, may I suggest a great place to turn this cuffing season: Ivanti webinars. Stay with me here.

Ivanti webinars may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of romance (and if it is, honestly, I’m concerned about you). But there are a lot of reasons why you should love Ivanti webinars.

Ivanti Webinars

Ivanti has been building its webinar program for years now. We produce one to two webinars per week. These webinars are focused on providing both thought leadership and educational content to help you become a better IT professional.

We do all sorts of webinars, ranging from breaking news updates right after global ransomware attacks to major Ivanti company announcements to industry best practices. Some highlights this year have been our BlueKeep update, IT and your mental health, our women in technology panel, and our expert IT predictions panel.

We’re actually right in the middle of our Security Controls Bootcamp webinar series. This series is a four-part string of webinars focused on helping you get a better handle of your IT security, as part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Here are the links to register:

Patch Tuesday and Threat Thursday

The longest running series we have at Ivanti is our famous Patch Tuesday series, which is regularly refenced on Krebs on Security, Computerworld from IDG, SC Magazine, Silicon Angle, and many more. Our coverage of Patch Tuesday acts as thousands of people’s compass as they try to navigate the murky waters of cybersecurity. The smartest, best IT professionals in the world use Ivanti’s Patch Tuesday webinar to prioritize their patches.

We’ve also launched a brand-new series, Threat Thursday. Once a month, Ivanti Director of Product Management Chris Goettl and CISO Phil Richards share information about some of the largest security threats and recent attacks hitting worldwide. This series helps you stay vigilant with the news you need.

Why I Love Ivanti Webinars

I’ll admit, Ivanti webinars hold a special place in my heart because I spent over two years living and breathing them. From planning calls to slide deck preparation to promotion, I loved the chance to connect with the Ivanti community through these webinars. We had so many customers join the webinars, live-tweeting along, asking questions and offering their own insights. It turned the sessions into interactive experiences where IT experts and professionals could actively collaborate in a new way.

And if you think you’ve seen all that Ivanti webinars can offer, you’re wrong. We’ve brought on production-extraordinaire Jared Richardson to the webinar team to take these webinars to the next level. Changes are brewing in webinar world, so get excited for fewer slide decks, new webinar series and video elements, and more speaker interaction. 

That’s right folks, consider me cuffed up this season to Ivanti webinars. But you don’t have to be a total #webinerd like myself to fall in love with our program. Go find your coziest pair of slipper socks, make a mug of hot coco, and settle into one of our next sessions to see for yourself why Ivanti webinars are so special.