Edited by Jared Richardson

Single? Dating? Married? It doesn’t matter! Cancel your reservations, forget the chocolates, and tune into the webinar you’ll be sure to love, Ivanti’s Patch Tuesday, Valentine’s Day at 9 a.m. PST.

In case you still need some convincing, here are five reasons why you should spend your Valentine’s Day on the Patch Tuesday webinar with Ivanti’s Patch Tuesday hunks, Chris Goettl and Todd Schell.

1. Patch your broken heart

Some say the best way to get over an old flame is by throwing yourself into another project. On the Patch Tuesday webinar, Chris and Todd will give you an extensive, organized list of patches to roll out, guaranteed to distract you from how hopelessly alone you truly are. You don’t need companionship. All you really need is a fast wifi connection and a Big Gulp full of your favorite energy drink. As you patch your environment, you may even find that your heart is slowly being patched up too.

2. They are great listeners

What’s better than a man who listens? Two men who listen. At the end of every Patch Tuesday webinar, Chris and Todd spend 20-30 minutes listening to your question and crafting thoughtful answers. It’s so emotionally impactful, you’ll forget you’re on a webinar and find yourself sobbing softly into your keyboard.

3. You can always depend on them

These dreamboats won’t bail on you. Every second Tuesday of the month, they’ll be there, sorting through all the updates, seeking out the critical patches for you to deploy. And guess what? They’ll be there the morning after too, hosting the webinar, because they want to keep you (and your systems) secure. *Swoon*

4. You don’t have to dress up

Sick of the pressure to look fly for your V-Day plans? This webinar is audio and slides only, so no one cares what you are wearing. Plus, we send out the recording after, so you can watch on your own time. You could be sitting in bed in sweatpants covered in Cheetos dust for all we care. Just do us a favor, don’t share pictures…

5. You don’t have to be alone

Some call February 14 Singles Awareness Day (SAD, for short). If you’re alone on the big day, tune into our webinar, where you’ll be part of the Patch Tuesday community. There are hundreds of loyal Patch Tuesday followers, who join together on this coveted day each month to share patching knowledge. Sometimes it feels good to be part of something bigger.

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