*This post originally appeared on the AppSense blog prior to the rebrand in January 2017, when AppSense, LANDESK, Shavlik, Wavelink, and HEAT Software merged under the new name Ivanti.

Users can be difficult to please. According to a new 451 Research Impact Report, “AppSense: User management is still the missing link for virtual desktops,” AppSense delivers the critical piece that solves the desktop security and management dilemma, pleasing users while protecting the business.

It’s true. As a leader in User Environment Management (UEM) technology, including endpoint security, we hold the belief that user personality is the most important component of the desktop. Without the ability to personalize their desktop on demand, users won’t embrace a transition to VDI or even a new PC operating system. Equally critical, endpoint security needs to protect users and their business without restricting user productivity or performance.

The new report showcases AppSense’s renewed focus on extending the security, performance and manageability of end-user computing environments and highlights its growing opportunity to capitalize on the need for end-user management tools to maintain independence from underlying infrastructure.

“…AppSense has returned to its roots: extending Citrix, Microsoft and VMware end-user computing environments so that they work better, and pitching in on Windows migration, desktop virtualization, compliance and security projects,” writes John Abbott, Founder and Distinguished Analyst, 451 Research. “As the spectrum of remote and virtual desktop deliver mechanisms broadens – from physical PC, old-style session-based computing to full-strength VDI, streaming, layering, containers and desktop as a service – it’s becoming more important to maintain some independence from the underlying infrastructure and the user-facing management and personalization layer. Desktops and endpoints need to be managed in a way that reduces complexity – at the same time, security must be maintained, and support for cloud delivery models must be built in.”

The report, which covers AppSense’s growing international channel-based go-to-market strategy, competitive landscape and comprehensive product suite, concludes that AppSense is poised to capitalize on a hot opportunity. With the growing spectrum of remote, virtual and physical devices, the need for end-user management solutions that are independent from the underlying infrastructure has arguably never been greater. With a mature and comprehensive set of solutions, AppSense is ready to seize this opportunity with the endpoint security and workspace management solutions organizations need to meet compliance and security requirements without placing unnecessary hindrances in the way of the user.

Without a strong focus on personalization, users reject desktop transitions. This type of disconnect results in a situation where the behavior of a VDI or new physical desktop solution does not sit well with users, causing more problems than it solves. This can have a very real negative effect on productivity, and as a result, profitability. In certain settings, the results can be devastating. For example, slow clinical desktops in healthcare settings can distract doctors and other medical professionals from their most important task – patient care.

AppSense has created a full suite of user-environment management software solutions tailored to meet industry-specific needs, such as those in government, healthcare, financial services, legal services, and education. We are proud to be the “missing link” solving today’s growing desktop challenges.