Most organizations are running a variety of versions of Microsoft Windows. Whether you still have devices on Windows XP or are on the latest version of Windows 8.1, there is an upgrade available to you.

Windows 10’s release in 2015 keeps everyone thinking about provisioning new operating systems. Organizations frequently make operating system decisions based on how much pain they can handle rather than on the benefits gained by the latest version.

Ivanti’s OS provisioning solution handles all the common migration scenarios. From updating existing devices to the purchase of new devices, Ivanti can upgrade your OS, restore user data AND ensure all the productivity applications are reinstalled.

In case you need any additional convincing, here are ten solid reasons why you should Ivanti to help with your OS migration:

1. Your software license compliance remains intact after migration.

Ivanti creates a software license mapping matrix so you don’t waste time and money deploying software licenses to employees who didn’t need them in the first place.

2. Know your migration process at any time.

Executives love this. Ivanti SmartVue dashboards and reports give you up to the minute information on the migration process, e.g. the number of machines migrated that day, week, or month, as well as how much time remains at the current pace, and more.

3. Ensure you users have everything they need, including non-standard applications.

Ivanti preserves all tools employees care about and that are critical to the business like apps, packages, utilities, websites, favorites, virtualized apps, MED-V, Spoon, ThinApp, etc.

4. Maintain your security standards once you’ve migrated.

Machines meet PCI, HIPAA, and other compliance standards for sensitive information. Our process-based approach addresses patches for Microsoft and third-party apps, antivirus definitions, etc.

5. Provide users with migration scheduling options.

Automate communication with users so they know what’s coming and can have input into the scheduling of changes to their machine.

6. Simplify your migration with fewer images.

No need for multiple images to migrate machines of varying models or manufacturers thanks to hardware-independent imaging.

7. Avoid excessive network utilization during migration.

Our Targeted Multicast and Peer Download content delivery tools reduce bandwidth consumption and server resource usage, eliminating redundant traffic over you WAN links and LAN links.

8. Machines meet your new naming standards as part of the migration.

A decision engine provides the opportunity to create consistent naming standards whether based on a company prefix, user name, site prefix, country prefix, machine prefix, etc.

9. Make your hardware refresh as simple as any migration.

When you refresh hardware you still need to handle profile captures, apps, AV revisions, installation and validation. Ivanti addresses all of these areas and more.

10. Update all drivers as part of your migration.

Integration and capabilities with Lenovo, HP, and other hardware ensures that BIOS, value-added software, ThinkVantage Technologies, HP battery monitoring, and other drivers are kept up-to-date and installed in the first place.

Steps to Windows 10 migration success