For the first time ever, we’re holding a multi-day paid Interchange event outside of the United States. On June 12-14 of 2018, we will host Interchange Madrid at the Madrid Marriott Auditorium and Conference Center. We hope all of our partners, customers, and colleagues in and around Europe will come and be part of this incredible event.

As you may know, historically, we’ve done our yearly customer conference in the United States only. We usually host the event in Las Vegas. You can see last year’s highlights here. But, we are a truly global company now--almost 50% of our customers are from outside of the United States. It has become very apparent that we needed to have a comprehensive event for partners, customers and prospects in Europe, as well.

In the next few weeks we’ll launch a full website for the event. On that site you’ll be able to register for Interchange Madrid and enroll in the hands-labs and sessions that you want to attend, but here is some information in the meantime. Don’t forget to save the date!
Why did we decide to have a European event, as well as one in the U.S.? And why did we choose Madrid?

1. Our CEO and CMO laid out the vision for why an Interchange Europe and why Madrid. You can see their full explanation in this video.

2. We are a global company. As previously mentioned, a U.S.-only event simply doesn’t represent our customer and partner base anymore. After the recent merger with HEAT, and now the acquisition of RES, Ivanti has a major footprint in Europe.

3. Interchange is awesome and we want more people to experience it. It really is a powerful training and networking event. It is unlike any other event in the IT world. The keynotes are different, the sessions are more intimate, there is more one-on-one contact with Ivanti and industry experts.

4. Trans-Atlantic flights aren’t anyone’s idea of fun. Sure it’s not like 15 years ago, before iPads and in-flight movies, when you had to draw stick figures or read through the one magazine on the airplane 18 times, just to pass the time. But still, why get on a plane for 10 hours unless you have to? Just another reason why we don’t want to have a U.S.-only event.

5. Spain produces 45% of the olive oil in the world. That has nothing to do with Interchange being in Madrid, we just found it interesting.

6. Real Madrid is the most valuable sports franchise in the world. It came in ahead of Manchester United, the New York Yankees -- an American baseball team, and the Dallas Cowboys —“America’s football team.” (We only WISH we could take everyone at Interchange to a Real Madrid game-- it’s just too damn expensive.)

7. Technical hands-on labs near you! After our Interchange US event, we send out a massive survey to all of our attendees. And every single year, the Labs are among the most popular and in-demand offerings. It’s hands-on-keyboard training and in-depth knowledge. This isn’t about sitting and listening as someone presents a PowerPoint. This is about learning how to do the work yourself. You’ll be an expert.

8. New brand, new outreach. Just a few months ago, LANDESK and HEAT merged to create Ivanti. And with legacy brands like AppSense, Shavlik, Wavelink, and now RES (with it’s major Benelux presence) in the Ivanti family, it became obvious that we needed to get out in the world more. More and more people from around the world need the powerful ‘Unify IT’ message that Ivanti provides. So, are you a RES customer from Amsterdam? Come to Interchange Madrid. Are you a HEAT customer from Berlin? Come to Interchange Madrid. Are you a LANDESK customer from London or perhaps a Shavlik customer from Sydney? Come to Madrid. Bottom line: this is your event too.

9. Tapas, need we say more?

10. The venue: The Marriott Madrid Auditorium and Conference Center is five minutes from the airport, and only 15 minutes from major Madrid tourist destinations and the business district.

¡ ven a Madrid y pasa un buen rato con Ivanti!