Get started with IoMT Security

Practical Demo: How to Find, Fix and Prioritize Healthcare Device Threats

September 26, 2023

While patching and securing Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) assets and endpoints for any infrastructure space is important, remediation becomes critical for healthcare-related industries.

After all, patient data privacy – and their physical safety! – relies on the security of IoMT within hospitals, clinics, ambulance fleets and other medical locales.

But hospitals are often too understaffed to manually manage and secure every IoMT device at risk of exploit … and hackers are already taking advantage of this breach.

We’ll show you how to discover, detect, assess and remediate the security risks unique to IoMT devices in a way that’s practical for IT teams at larger organizations, with the least amount of interruption and downtime for your medical staff and patients.

Key Takeaways

In this demo webinar, learn how to:

  • Discover all IoT and IoMT devices and reconcile the management gaps on managed endpoints, featuring built-in connectors to other systems for richer, more complete asset data.
  • Detect any vulnerability related to IoT and IoMT devices or any threat, based on traffic patterns and other data collected within the devices’ network.
  • Enable a dynamic response to operational and security issues with network isolation through real-time system state visibility.
  • Understand your unique IoT and IoMT asset environment with customized dashboards.
Raul Nadal
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager