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Practical demo: Better Experiences. Better Outcomes. Proactively improve your DEX

November 02, 2022

A great digital employee experience (DEX) can positively impact productivity, talent acquisition and retention, security and operational agility. What if you could effectively measure and proactively optimize the experience that employees get through the devices, operating systems and applications they rely on in their Everywhere Workplace? IT and security operations teams are increasingly tasked with delivering improved DEX. However, many struggle to effectively quantify and optimize it. How do you measure the employee experience in your organization?  

In this session, Everett Carnahan will provide an overview of why understanding of the digital employee experience is critical in improving overall business outcomes.


  • How to aggregate usage, performance and security data.
  • How to collect contextual sentiment from employees about their use of technology.
  • How to use machine learning and AI to derive insights-driven automation to improve DEX.
  • How to measure and optimize DEX.
  • How to surface potential issues and make recommendations on actions that can help remediate and improve the digital experience for your employees.
Everett Carnahan
Technical Marketing Engineer