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Industry research meets first-person experience: Two perspectives on expanding ITSM beyond IT

December 07, 2022

Watch this 40-minute discussion with two guest speakers, Julie Mohr, Senior Analyst at Forrester, and Robert Grazioli, Ivanti’s Chief Information Officer, and get first-hand access to:

  • Tips for ITSM expansion to other areas of an organization.
  • Opportunities and challenges for culture change.
  • Lessons learned from Ivanti on its “Customer Zero” story.

Why this topic matters:

Hybrid work has put additional pressures on IT. There are more new assets accessing the network and users expect more speed and agility from their devices. On one hand, your team needs to manage and secure the IT environment; on the other, you need to deliver an outstanding employee experience. And with so many teams remaining (at least partly) remote, IT is not the only one on this ambitious quest.

Thankfully, ITSM is expanding its practice into new areas of the business. To take full advantage of what it can deliver, organizations need to drive a cultural change across IT teams and their stakeholders. There are many things that can (and likely will) go wrong with such a significant initiative.

Julie Mohr - Guest Speaker
Senior Analyst
Robert Grazioli
Chief Information Officer