Better, Faster, Smarter, and More Efficient Warehouses - Accelerate Your Android Modernisation

June 23, 2020
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In today’s world, it has become even more important to keep looking at ways to improve productivity and streamline operations within the supply chain.

As e-commerce and consumer demands continue to grow, warehouses are moving to Android with a full swing to digitally transform and improve their operations. As a result, many warehouses are now tapping into modern technology to help them work smarter, faster, and more efficiently to keep pace with new and evolving consumer demands.

Join us to learn:

  1. Eliminate costs and easily transform into Android modernization
  2. Improve productivity, accuracy and lower training costs in the warehouse
  3. Preserve existing WMS or ERP systems without making changes or adding costs.
  4. Case study: How a company improved productivity by modernizing its mobile user interface
Adam Coffin
Manager Sales Engineering APAC
James Reilly
Territory Manager ANZ