Transform your Security Solution at the Endpoint

June 26, 2018

Phil Richards | Chief Security Officer | Ivanti

Nik Patronas | Solution Architect | Ivanti

Russ Eddleman | Director of Strategic Alliances | Ivanti

Are you thinking about extending the endpoint capabilities of your Security Solution? Join us for a dep dive into the value of embedding patch management capabilities into your security software. Learn how other security companies have chosen to add patching and remdiation. Why in 2018 patching is more important than ever as your customers confront ransomware, zero day attacks, and more.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How patch management is being used to enhance the value of security solutions
  • How large security software companies have utilized embedded aptch management in their own products to grow revenue
  • What to consider when you're looking to add patch remediation ot your solution