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How to Stay on Top of Users' and their Access Rights

October 25, 2018

With the widespread adoption of cloud services and mobile devices, today’s modern IT environment has experienced rapid change. Your users now need access to dozens of applications to do their jobs from day one. Onboarding users has become more complex and time-consuming for IT, especially if undertaken manually. And when users leave or change roles, deprovisioning access to applications is often last on the list of tasks or slips through cracks completely.

How do you give an increasingly diverse and mobile group of users, access to the applications they need and stop them circumnavigating IT to get what they want? To keep your users productive, the best solution is a policy-driven identity and access management (IAM) system to ensure they are accurately identified from day one and to automatically remove access when a user leaves. By providing access to only the systems, applications and data your users need you also reduce the attack vector, common when users have more entitlement than required.

Join Dave Bryant, product management director for Ivanti Identity Director, in this introductory webcast to understand:

David Bryant
Director, Product Management