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Cut Profile Size, Cut Login Times

November 08, 2017

The user profile is often one of, if not the biggest contributing factor to slow logins with size having a dramatic impact. Whether traditional PC environments, or desktop virtualization implementations, roaming environment personalizations can have a detrimental effect on the user experience. As a result, organizations like AppSense and RES (both acquired by Ivanti) along with Citrix, VMware and Microsoft have all attempted to ease these challenges through the introduction of smarter persona management technology.

The team at Avanite, an Ivanti One partner, have spent years dissecting and understanding the user profile and its contents allowing them ascertain what can be tuned or safely eliminated allowing organizations to take full advantage of their persona management solutions. By applying things like smart policies to cookies or aging unused application data, Avanite can reduce the overall size of the user profile allowing persona management solutions to be more efficient, reducing the overall storage costs and speeding up the logon process.

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Jon Wallace
Office of the CTO
Peter Jones
Chief Technology Officer
Avanite Limited