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Ransomware Update: New Threats, New Defenses

September 14, 2016
The fight against ransomware is nothing less than an arms race—and the bad guys aren’t slowing down. Which means you can’t, either. “Fantom” ransomware encrypts your files while pretending to be a legitimate Windows update. “Hitler” ransomware doesn’t encrypt your files—it deletes them. “Petya” ransomware doesn’t even bother with your files—it goes after the master boot records and file tables that govern access to entire hard drives.As these threats evolve, so must your efforts to detect them, protect against them, and prevent them from infecting your networks and bringing your business to a halt. Join LANDESK Director of Product Management Stephen Brown and Principal Product Manager Eran Livne for a Webinar that will help you to understand the threats, how best to combat them, and how LANDESK is evolving its solutions to help you.
Stephen Brown
Director of Product Management