Empower your Mobile Workforce

February 28, 2014

By 2015, there will be one mobile device for each person on earth. 24/7 connectivity is what this new “anytime, anywhere” workforce wants and expects. Learn how FrontRange puts change in your hands.


Enterprise mobility is here, and everyone in your company is now connected, at home, at work, and at play. Twenty-four seven connectivity is what we want, and what we expect. This new anytime, anywhere workforce has intensified the pressure being placed on IT organizations. Workers not only expect anytime, anywhere access, but they also demand it on their own devices. 
Mobility access combined with BYOD pose major challenges. IT organizations need to move away from just controlling devices and limiting access, to becoming a true services broker, enabling flexibility and empowering user productivity. And with this shift come difficult questions like, how can I leverage mobility to empower my employees, enhance their agility, and increase my overall competitive advantage? What level of investment do I need to make in people, process, and technology to benefit from mobility? How do I determine the right balance between cost, platform, and choice of device? 
With all these questions spinning around, how do you determine what the right decisions are for your business? The one thing you know for sure is that change is happening whether you like it or not, and with FrontRange, change is in your hands. 
Developing a sound enterprise mobility strategy involves three key elements, consolidating the delivery of business services by managing all devices from a single console, providing a consistent user experience, and improved productivity. Ensuring protection of corporate data by enforcing corporate security standards on all devices in case of theft, loss, or other security breaches. Enabling end user self-service via an enterprise app store that supports provisioning of business-critical applications with controlled approval and authentication processes. 
Let FrontRange guide you through the changes. Download our white paper, or browse other emerging trends today. Change is in your hands.